In Play Store Platinum Dialer Century for Android
(Samsung, htc, Sony, LG etc)
Go Play Store, Search "Century" or-
Century a C must Capital Letter

Platinum Dialer FnF and HelloByte FnF New Link for Oman
Platinum FnF-
Hellobyte FnF-
Oparator Code- 52035
(Before Download Go Setting, Application, App.Manager, Software installation, All)
Mobile Dialer- BSA.COM For Du

Gplex Dialer- OPAL All Network
Brand Pin- 7001
All Network-

Zem and Speako Dialer- FnF All Network without Etisalat
Oparator Code- 9011

Platinum Dialer Call to FnF- All Netwrok
Screen Touch-

Platinum Dialer- Century All Network

Mosip Dialer- FnF All Network
Screen Touch-
Brand Pin- 9011

Platinum Dialer- FnF Without Du [oman]

Hellobyte Dialer- FnF without DU [Oman]
Oparator Code- 52035

Simple Dialer- FnF Gold
Brand Pin- 7001
Android- (Samsung, Sony, htc, LG etc)

iTelDialerPlus- Go Play Store, Search iTelDialerPlus, then Install
Oparator Code- 39892

Call to FnF- Go Play Store, Search CalltoFnF, Then Install or

BSA.COM- Go Play Store, Search Mobile Dialer Then Install
Oparator Code- 39892

FnF Gold- Go Play Store, Search simple Dialer, Then Install or
Oparator Code- 7001
FnF Gold- Go Application Store, Search simple Dialer, Then Install or
Call to FnF- Go Application Store, Search Call2Fnf, Then Install or

BSA.COM- Go apple Store, Search Mobile Dialer, Then Install

Call Details Record- CDR

Our Website-